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Tow My Car?

Three-quarters of a million Americans donate their cars to charity every year.
But who does their donation go to? We at Towing 4 Tots are dedicated to
ensuring that every dollar possible goes to a good cause!

Towing 4 Tots is a car donation program that provides free car towing services to anyone that wants to get rid of a vehicle. Towing4Tots is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Therefore, you will be provided with a tax-receipt for your kind donation in addition to free car towing service.

Whether you have a car, boat, RV, motorcycle or bus,
Towing4Tots will give you car towing service for free from a recognizable and reliable towing company. In addition to receiving free car towing, you will get a tax-deductible receipt for the junkyard or auction value of your car!

When we are not busy with towing our donor’s vehicles, Towing 4 Tots actively participates in running a wide variety of programs that are intended to help Jewish children from broken homes or troubled families. Some of these children are from families that are recent immigrants to the US, others come from dysfunctional homes, while some have parents who are unemployed.

Most of Towing4Tots’s time and efforts are put into our various charitable programs and activities like: social and recreational programs for kids and their families, family counseling, and adult education. For many children, we sponser a month in overnight camp in order to further their growth and development. We work hard to help enroll some children in private schools and pay their tuition in order to provide them with an environment that is suited to their special needs.

It is obvious, that by donating to Towing 4 Tots you will allow us to raise money in order to help many children in need! Please, allow us to provide you with free junk yard towing and save yourself the hassle of trying to sell your old auto for cash or paying a tower to tow it for you. Donate to Towing4Tots and receive a tax-deductible receipt for the junkyard rate or auction value of your car. Support a worthy cause!

Get car towing service for free!
- No junk yard towing fees.
- No bothersome paperwork.
- Get a tax deductible receipt

Next Step: choose one of the following 3 options!
a) If you have any more questions regarding our car towing services, please check out our FAQ’s.
b) Contact us directly via email and get a reply from a junkyard towing specialist.
c) Speak to a Towing 4 Tots representative by calling 1-877-54-4-TOTS (1-877-54-4-8687)

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